Scotch Bonnet 2016

Offshore Sailors, Please reserve the weekend starting Friday, 
June 17th for the 45th start of Genesee Yacht Club's 
Scotch Bonnet Light Race  for 2016. 
Enjoy a Night crossing and a day crossing of one of the
 most beautiful fresh water lakes in the world. Promises to include
 awesome sailing. An 82 Nautical Mile Race – Starting in Rochester,
 sailing around Scotch Bonnet Island, Canada, finishing in Rochester
 on Saturday. Spinnaker, Genoa Only, and Multi-Hull Divisions.
 Picnic & Awards Ceremony – Sunday June 19, 2016.
A LYRA Tier 2 event. 
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2015 SBLR Race Review

Jupiter, Venus and a crescent moon
The 2015 Scotch Bonnet Light Race started in light air, then it got even lighter.
As the spinnaker fleet sailed toward a beautiful sunset, we wondered if we would ever have wind.
The Red sky at sunset told us what we should expect.
This was followed by the sight of Jupiter, Venus and a crescent moon.
After slowly making our way around the Wautoma Shoals buoy, with the clock in single digits, the wind came up north of east.
Our first crossing was in clear sky's, flat water and a fresh wind. One of the nicest night time crossings ever.
No rain this year. Yes it was cold, but, we all expected that, we watched buoy 45012 all week, and brought enough clothes to look like the Pillsbury dough boy. It ended up not being as cold as expected. Yes, wind was light at the beginning, but, when this is followed by incredible sailing for the rest of the race, how can anyone complain?
Try as you might, it is hard to envision more perfect sailing than we experienced on the return crossing. We may be tempted to ask for warmer air, we also know that it could bring fluky winds. Not a favored trade-off.
Back at the clubhouse, we felt some sprinkles as a reminder that the weather Gods were very kind to us this year.
We had 6 new skippers this year, including Brent Hughes from Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club Canada single handing a C&C 35. One of three single handed skippers.
As we wondered about race results, all the huge smiles on the faces of the crew were a reminder that the only losers were those that chose not to participate this year. We are all winners. What an awesome year.

Tony Gambacurta 6-21-2015 

Scotch Bonnet Light Race 2015 Perpetual Trophy Winners

Warren Miller “New Issue” Trophy
First new skipper to finish on corrected time, Genoa Only course.
Silent Partner – C&C 25 – Dale Van Vechten

Stewart Trophy
for the Best Corrected Time of the entire Non-Spinnaker Fleet:
No Agenda - Pearson 26 – John Andersen

Giambra Trophy
for the First Mono-Hull to Finish, Elapsed Time:
Amorita – Beneteau First 40.7 – Fritz Odenbach

Founder's Cup
The first GYC yacht under 30' LOA to finish the regular course of the Scotch Bonnet Light Race
Flicker – Parson 30 – Bill Thompson

Allen Trophy
for the Best Corrected Time of the entire Spinnaker Fleet:
I Got Mine – Sabre 28-2 – Sean Gillen

 SBLR Ernie Coleman Memorial Trophy
to the best performing yacht club in the Scotch Bonnet Light Race based on each club's top 3 finishing sailboats.

RYC – 10 points
PYC – 6 points
GYC – 4 points - Winner

Find us at SBLR web site Also check out Race Info>Race History and Register Here soon.


Check out Race Info>Race History



Live Music by Special Blend at the Picnic.

Check them out on Youtube.